A piece of fatherly advice.

My father almost never gives advice about life. He is more a person that acts than talks. When he talks it is usually about something practical and in order to exchange some piece of information. Most of the times he likes to growl at us about minor things, as if in some subconscious way he is trying not to spend too much time thinking nonsense or sitting still.
I spent the weekend in the countryside with my parents, where my father enjoys his weekend passion for agriculture and hyperactive wine making. After digging, planting, inspecting, calculating, measuring, exercising and planning for the future, my father as usually enjoyed many glasses of his red wine. Before he dozed off on the sofa he shared a piece of his wisdom: “You should know that Life is hard” he said, commenting on a conversation among us women.
His unintentional spontaneous verbal wisdom comes like a comet every few years and it always carries a surprising truth in it that makes him sound like he is channeling the Dalai Lama. A couple of years ago another one came randomly: “Two decisions will shape your life, what you will study and who you will marry.”At that time I was old enough to appreciate the truth of his words but not to use it as guidance in decision making. I am pretty sure I would not have done if the comet had hit the earth in my early 20’s. Different times then.
This is pretty much the truth I would like to share today. Two life decisions will shape your life, your choice of profession and life partner. So you can be certain that they are both equally important and the biggest investments you will ever make.

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