Being grateful every day

Being grateful every day

Feeling grateful usually has less to do with the things that happen in our lives and more with how we perceive our everyday reality. On my way to the loo at 3am in the morning last night I was overtaken by a sudden and horrifying thought: I was about to see a dark big, cockroach lurking on the white bathroom tiles, waving its long antennas at me.
And then it hit me: I am in Sweden. There is no way any of these disgusting creatures has followed me here. And I felt grateful that the uncomplicated sanitized Scandinavian life spared me this image.
It is true; I am still hunted by recession worries of debt, irrational tax statements, irrational loss and a string of bad news from back home that never seems to end. But I reckon that we must feel grateful every day for the smallest of things, starting from this moment. Diet and positive attitudes start either today or never.
There is a lot of happiness to be created in our minds. It is just waiting for us to switch on the button and let go. Being grateful is about letting go of all the ideas, images and mental perceptions about how life should be. Letting go of perfection aspirations. And then, just then and only then you might feel something that resembles it. It does not LOOK like perfection but it might feel like it. And that is the only thing that matters.

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