Hybrid Couples: Is the Future here yet?

Mixed couples in Sweden mainly make up two groups. First is group a of the Swedes  married to foreigners. This is the most common case to come across and the easiest case as one of the two is a local “converting” the other. The second group (b) is the mixed couples of different origins that for professional mainly reason ended up in Sweden.  Life is harder for the second group as they often feel like they have to create something that is not already there.

How much awe these foreigners feel towards the social benefits and privileges this country offers generally depends on their level of education, international exposure as well as their financial situation prior to relocating to Sweden.  I suspect that most foreigners might ask themselves at some point whether their secure and somehow hypotonic Scandinavian life has been actually better than their (more) exciting poverty.  They quickly dismiss this unproductive thought.

Hybrid couples in group b thrive in multicultural environments like world cities where every other thing is a cultural hybrid.  There they feel more at home and adapt well. Once they are put in a more homogeneous environment they might react like tropical plants misplanted  in northern climates.

Very often they are dreamers, like us.

“One day we might own a vineyard in Tuscany”

“Are you serious? What business do we have in Tuscany? Or with wine making, for that matter?”


“Wait until I tell my father that you have fantasies about Tuscany and not Greece”

But the bottom line is it is never about that specific dream, at least not yet. It is about keeping your mind open, crossing cultural boundaries, creating something new and inventing a new type of freedom.  It is about an inner and still vague vision of the future.

And that is more or less how we ended up here.

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