There is no place for a gypsy heart

Attention all sinful adrenaline junkies and inconsistent outsiders: Your time is up.

In fact your time has been up for a while. You can read it on the news and throughout the web, and you can feel it in the air. There is no space for your criminal, rebellious freedom loving unconventionality. No hard working tax payer will pay for your audacious benefit abuse or fund your disrespectful lifestyle. Disrespectful, that’s right. All this money in your hands and yet not a decent roof over your head.

Our financially strained society is asking for more control and with it more conformity. You have to be predictable and you have to be monitored. It needs to know what you have been doing, who you have been seeing and where you have been going. If these activities have been inconsistent and stink like divergence then you are blacklisted, isolated and eventually persecuted.

I know what it feels like. I have been a gypsy myself, I confess. For an eternity I have moved and departed, loved and departed and forever diverged with no true faith in faith. In my mind I have no sympathy for people like me.

Please don’t read this too intellectually. If we could just for one moment escape our whole belief system and connect with the things our soul craves for, things would be different. We crave for love and peace, harmony and unity. I suspect there is no way we can ever really like each other if we don’t put that on the test. We will be always condemned to poor imitations called charity and obligation, friendship and romantic love, solidarity and fairness.


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