Parenthood Lessons Chapter One

Parenthood begun for us four weeks ago when our daughter was born. Four weeks and thirty sleepless nights later our lives are completely changed. Feeding and burping the baby around the clock, as well as changing nappies every other hour is a way to practice hard core military style Discipline. It is safe now to say that if you raise kids you know what discipline is. Also, it is a good time at this moment to take the opportunity and squeeze in our sleepless lifestyle other kinds of long postponed tasks of our previous procrastinating childless life: cut down on coffee, food, time wasting on the web and the luxury of being negative. Even taking offense in each other’s words feels like a luxury.

In that sense staying at my parents’ house for the last month has not been as hard for Skywalker as perhaps I would expect it would.

“I feel so relaxed” he says one day sipping some wine while sitting at my parents’ cluttered old kitchen table, his sweater permanently stained with something that could be anything from milk to poo, his tired sleepless eyes with black bags underneath. I look at him in surprise, Skywalker never complains about feeling relaxed. In fact, he is likely to complain about feeling stressed at a five star Lavender smelling spa resort. Normally I would expect that living under my parents’ roof and having to adapt to their compulsive hoarding habit, their reluctance to modernize their ancient kitchen and bathroom appliances or their insisting to never throw away yesterday’s food would put him off somehow.

Miraculously this has not happened. To be fair, there is an ocean of booze available in the house that would make happy any man who for the last year had to take a bus in the snowstorm to go to Systembolaget just to buy a six pack of decent beer.

Children dinner is ready” My mother will shout in the evenings. I see his eyes sparkle with joy.

So far our ascetic post-partum holiday lifestyle has worked out fine. It will soon come to an end and we will have to move on to be just the three of us. Not that I intend to try to imagine how this will be like.

Parenthood Lesson Chapter One: Life is a Journey and we are only travelers.

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