On Aliens


Last weekend the Copenhagen terrorist attacks happened and immediately made headlines. I was surprised to see a popular UK online paper on the same day sporting another headline, an article about catastrophic scenarios that might end life on earth. So it appears there are worst things that can happen to us than ISIS and the radical islamisation of Europe, like for example, a fatal comet hitting earth, rapid climate change or-my favourite-alien invasion by some very hostile little grey men.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mock the alien scenario, on the contrary I take it very seriously. Lately I see it regularly on the mainstream news and it is always a pleasure to read the comments at the bottom. A few years earlier a topic like this would have been present only on seedy websites.

I was also secretly hoping, if the aliens are not that grey and repulsing, to have the chance to meet one. I know what you think, who are you to be an ambassador for humanity? In movies we are usually being told this is a job of a President or a General, or a top scientist astronaut. However what if the aliens come from a culture that appreciate other things like for example prefer to make contact with ants, spiders or trees? Even value feminine energy over masculine???

I can imagine them landing in my kitchen, uninvited one morning while I casually place the dishes in the dishwasher and by using the little antennas on their heads start a telepathic conversation. They would congratulate me on my random thoughts (and my randomness in general), my flexible hips (especially useful for excelling in Zumba) and my vivid REM during which I project myself astrally at night to contact them.

Why the heck not?

When the Danish not-for-profit Mars One recently announced the shortlist of the people who made the cut to join its mission to colonise Mars, the result was surprising: many of them are not typical “science geeks” bur rather “life explorers” and have very individual profiles. For many this just exposes the unseriousness of the whole thing: this bunch would and probably will be more suitable for a reality tv program about people “who thought they were going to Mars”.

This however, our perceiving their human skills as irrelevant or secondary, also exposes another one of our beliefs: our leap to the stars will and should come only via scientific and technological advancements and not by exploring and advancing the human factor. All I am saying is while we make wars, destroy earth and our humanity, there might be little grey men out there that could potentially help us get there without us having to built billion dollars complex rockets: only that they do not intend to do so as they are repulsed by the arrogance and the cruelty of the human civilisation. Simply they don’t want to make contact with this aggressive species that uses its intellect to create nuclear weapons to self-destruct.

Finally i would be saddened if eventually aliens did show up and only had contact with our greedy and corrupt decision makers. (unless they were, you know, the little grey men we talked about in the very beginning).

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