Harry and Meghan’s wedding was splendid, but, let’s be honest, it gives women the wrong message


I am a huge Harry and Meghan fan, but when the two finally tied the knot last Saturday I admit I let out a sigh of relief. The 24/7 wedding coverage can finally now stop and life can bounce back to normal.

Naturally, ‘fairytale’ is the word that best describes the whole affair. The bride looked sublime walking down the aisle in an Audrey Hepburne-style Givenchy wedding gown in a star-studded ceremony. The couple gazed into each other’s eyes in sheer adoration, and soon  jetted off to start their charming life together, no doubt already packed with royal duties such as touring the Pacific islands or inaugurating charities in Africa.

If I am honest, being a royal sounds pretty awesome.

At the wedding party the bride broke tradition and gave a speech, while she declared herself a feminist and an advocate for gender equality on the British Monarchy’s website.

And here is where I kinda feel that the frantic royal coverage should pause for a second, and the media should take a minute to self-reflect. Because it’s one thing to marvel at the blessings of this beautiful couple, and another to try to brand them as role models for young people and ambassadors for modern values .

Because they are not. And as someone who has in the last months wrote extensively about Meghan Markle’s life and romantic relationships (it was work, I swear) I must say that Meghan’s Cinderella love story isn’t something most women should look up to. Simply because it gives a message that is not only depressing, but obsolete and false.

And frankly, it isn’t feminist either.

It is the message that if you wait long enough you’ll eventually find your Prince.  That divorcing someone to focus on your career is the way to go, because your career can lead you to more powerful men.

Don’t get stressed if you’re pushing 40. Mr. Big can always cover IVF expenses and you’ll soon get twins. Bam, problem solved.

In short, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Most single career women I know that are Meghan’s age would rather stay in and watch Netflix than go out on another Tinder date. They meet more sleazy married guys who see them as easy prey than eligible bachelors who are willing to reward them for all those years of holding out and kicking ass at work. Many guys their age, especially if they are professionally accomplished, will often look for a younger partner.

Moreover, there is no guarantee that if you focus on your career goals, life will reward you with a great man. It could happen, but it is also a possibility that it will not happen.

We keep hearing about how men today like strong and independent women. Gender equality? Sure, but if you never have any house chores to divide, or fights over whose turn is to take children to karate class or splitting the bills, what’s the point?

Harry and Meghan have embarked together on their very blessed life. I wish them all the happiness in the world, but I believe that they should enjoy their privilege humbly and without too much fanfare. This would be not only the most honest, but also the most royal-like thing to do.